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How is your self care?

Volume #1, Newsletter #3 September-2012
Dear Friend,

It's been awhile since I've sent you a message. I've been caught up in life and massage, but that's no excuse. I wanted to touch base and talk about self care a bit, since I'm guilty of not making it a priority.

It's so easy to get caught up in family life, relationships, vacation, work stress, on and on... I've forgotten to eat, lost sleep and have had difficulty finding time to workout. I've seen it take its toll on my physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being.

The lesson I learned is that this is the only body we have. A relaxing and enjoyable pasttime (or a massage! -hint-hint-) can be the best way to become in tune with your body. Take care of it and it, in turn, will take care of you. 

To your health! 

Jonathan Allen, LMT


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In a world where taking care of the things you value, is mandatory. From car maintenance, anti virus on computers, physicals, and eating right to be healthy. I feel receiving massage isn't any different. I have research to back this up! Check this out.  CNN Massage: Its Real Medicine
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