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Greer Arizona - Home of John Wayne
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Real Cowboy

John Wayne Loved Greer Arizona

John Wayne was a Real Cowboy. His World Famous "John Wayne Hereford Cattle Ranch" is situated in the mountains surrounding Greer, Arizona, where they developed a Championship Bloodline of Hereford Breeding Bulls and sold them to Cattle Ranches around the World. John Wayne acquired his ranch from the famous Milky Way Ranch (of Mars Chocolate & Milky Way Candy Bar fame) along with its big white show barn, which has become a local landmark and John Wayne Museum.

The "Duke" (John Wayne's nickname after his childhood family dog) loved people and he was a regular in the saloons, western bars and restaurants of Greer Arizona. Here, he spent time with his long time close friend & business partner Louis Johnson (Louis Johnson's son married Mollie Butler's granddaughter of the neighboring infamous X-Diamond and MLK Ranches) and Greer locals. Everyone in the area has their favorite "John Wayne Story".

John Wayne said "this is some of the most beautiful country in America", and he is right. Greer is one of the prettiest places you will ever see. It has a Rich Cowboy History, Cool Temperatures, Wild Open Spaces, a Big Western Sky, and the Largest Elk Population in America. It is God's Country.

Come see why John Wayne spent so much time in these beloved mountains, with family and friendships he cherished.

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Greer, AZ

Family Man
John Wayne - Strong Family Values

John Wayne, American Hero, Loved Family, Country and God. He cherished his time in the Great Outdoors, making memories with his family and friends.

I met John Wayne in 1969, just 5 years after he acquired his John Wayne Hereford Cattle Ranch. The John Wayne of the Silver Screen, was the same John Wayne I met in person… they were both bigger than life! The Duke swaggered across the room towards me, extending his giant sized hand with the traditional Sigma Chi Fraternal secret handshake, as the Duke and I were Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers. We spent the afternoon with his family, and I saw first-hand the strong "Family Values" this Giant of a Man held close to his big heart.

The Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins and John Wayne have similar Family Values, Love of God and Country. Greer Lodge was constructed in 1948 as a Spiritual Retreat for a Church in Phoenix. It has always been a Spiritual Place, where people have come to Touch Nature, spend time with Family and loved ones, and connect with God.

The Spirit of the West, as emulated by John Wayne, Ronald Regan, Barry Goldwater and the Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins is alive and well in Greer.

Come Visit the Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins, walk in the footsteps of John Wayne, feel his presence, and see why he choose to make these mountains his home.

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