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Apr 17 2009 Email 1 Copy
Volume 1, Newsletter 1
May 2009
Circle the Earth with Song
Song Path to Your Dreams
Are you In transition? At a crossroads? Confused about which path to follow? Let Kokopelli be your guide to find a resonant road to your dreams.

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Circle the Earth With Song CD

Cafe Press


"Kokopelli, Kokopelli
I hear your song with my soul..."

Kokopelli is a Hopi fertility symbol who carries seeds, songs, and stories in the hump on his back. As he plays his flute the earth is warmed, rains falls and seeds sprout.

Petroglyphs of Kokopelli are found from the tip of South America to Canada and bear witness to the Hopi migrations.There are some wonderful petroglyphs of Kokopelli in Albuquerque on the black basalt rocks of Petrogyph  National Park.

There has been research done to show that petroglyphs are located at echo sites. This is true of the images in pre-historic painted caves as well.

Though Kokopelli is specific to Hopi mythology he also carries the archetype of the troubadour, the musical messenger, who travels from place to place to enchant the earth and dissmenate vibrational seeds that are needed to make life fertile and juicy.

Kokopelli appeared in my dreams when I first moved to New Mexico in 1984. I dreamed that he journeyed from the  top of Sandia Crest above Albuquerque down to the Four Corners area. Flowers sprang from his footsteps as he played his flute.

In 1986 I followed Kokopelli's call, wrote a song about him and created a tape called Circle the Earth with Song. This tape was the seed of all my original work and I began to do workshops all over the world following in his footsteps as a musical messenger. I pay tribute to Kokopelli's inspiration by re-releasing the chants on the tape as a CD in the hopes that you sing along and find your own song path.

"Kokopelli, Kokopelli,
I follow in your footsteps
I follow in your footsteps..."
 Circle the Earth with Song

Are you being called to a new path, to change old patterns, migrate to new places and follow your sacred path?

How are your guides speaking to you now?

Listen to how they are whispering through your dreams and desires to follow your unique life purpose.

Susan Elizabeth Hale M.A.
is a music therapist, singer and author of Sacred Space, Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places and Song and Silence: Voicing the Soul
I can help you find the courage to follow your path
using a unique blend of dream work,
myth and ritual, astrology, creative arts therapy and voice work

For more information

Announcing the Re-release of
Circle the Earth with Song CD

Follow Kokopelli's
Path and circle the earth with song by singing along with these chants to honor the earth. Includes 3 original songs: Kokopelli, White Dolphin and Consider the Lilies, as well as timeless chants including We All Come From the Goddess and Oh Great Spirit.

Praise for Circle the Earth with Song...


"Susan Elizabeth Hale has gathered a magical celebration in song that unites us as a global village! Susan helps everyone lift our voices, and truly our spirits, soar as well! I have continued to share them with kids and adults for healing, celebration and world connection!" 

Wendy Lindahl, Dance Therapist, Dreamworker, Yoga-Meditation Teacher, Sedona, AZ.


"I am delighted to hear "Circle the Earth with Song" is now available on CD. I have had my own "Circle the Earth with Song" tape for 20 years now and still play it!..With my children now 18,14 and 10, it is still one of our favorites to sing during road trips or in everyday singing. Just recently my 14 year old on the way back from California shouted "let's sing!" what shall we sing? How about "White Dolphin", Yes that is what we sang for the next miles or so and changed the colors to match the chakras.

This CD, a gift for the new/next generation, is a delight to share with your family, friends and neighbors of the Earth.

I believe Susan to be the new paradigm of  song as was Raffi for our children, and their children and generations to come!"

Kathy Parra
Mesa, AZ


Kokopelli's Path is now available on a tote bag, T-shirt or mug

Buy now at
Cafe Press

Song Path to Your Dreams

Would you like a way to energize your affirmations?

Chanting with feeling is more effective than saying an affirmation out loud.
  • Create a sentence of something you want to affirm in your life.
  • Say the sentence out loud 10 times. Listen to the natural rhythm of the words and consider whether you want to keep it the same or accentuate certain parts of the rhythm.
  • Listen inwardly for a melody. Perhaps you hear one or two tones or a simple melody that fits the natural rise and fall of your affirmation. Experiment. If you have a recorder, record the affirmation so you can remember. Even if you don't remember your melody at first, allow another to come. With repetition it will be anchored in your heart's ear.
Here is a simple ritual to use while chanting your affirmation.
  • Create an altar with images you want to affirm
  • Place a lighted candle in the center
  • Find 10 small stones or crystals. After each 10 repetitions of your chant place one in a circle around the candle.
  • End in silence and listen for guidance.
  • Write your experience in your journal.
"When your heart is in your dream
no request is too extreme."
Jiminy Cricket

May 14
Answering the Call: Exploring Your Sacred Path
CG Jung Center
New York City

June 5-7
Resonance: A Festival of Sound Healing
Hawkwood College
Stroud, England

June 19-21
Exploring Sacred Space and Sound
Hawkwood College

June 26-28
Exploring Sacred Space and Sound
Isle of Man

July 31-August 2
The Wisdom of the Grandmothers
Kirkridge Retreat Center
Bangor, Pennslyvania 

Resonant Links

Photo by SunStar

Restore your relationship with the Earth
Become an Earthkeeper
Christan Hummel

Upcoming workshops in
San Diego, Calif. - May 6-7
Manhattan, New York -  May 24-25
Bellingham, Washington - June 3-4

For more information on this and other programs

including her Space Clearing Certification Program:

Many Blessings on your path,

Susan Elizabeth Hale

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