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last day to buy online

THE Local Massage Therapist, LLC
It's Cyber Monday! It's the day to shop on-line.  I have made it easy for you to shop for massage today on-line

*** if you have have clients, vendors, customers or volunteers you would like to offer a special gift to, consider giving them a certificate for a 30-min massage ***

Buy NOW if you are planning to give massage as a gift this year 

buy 6 get ONE FREE
but 10 get TWO FREE

the Massage Supporter package of 20
the Massage Endorser package of 30
the Massage Addict package of 40

save on a single 30-min massage
save on a single 45-min massage
save on a 30-min 30Day pass

The packages of 30-min massages offered today, can be used all by yourself or even give some of the massages as gifts to others.

I continue to offer this weekend the opportunity to become a part of the  Annual Privileged Access Group.

The Annual Privileged Access Group  is the best plan I offer.

For one-time, upfront payment, you get a free 30-min massage to use each month for the next 12 months.

bonus kicker with this package is that each additional massage you receive each month you save 30-35% on the usual cost for that single massage.

Starting today I am also making available a 6mo access plan. The plan is the exact same. For your upfront payment you have access to one 30-min massage free each month for the next 6 months. You will also save 25-30% off the usual cost for each additional massage to receive each month.

Massage is an effective health maintenance tool, and with the  Annual Privileged Access Group  massage is more accessible for you.It
Stephanie is THE Premier private practice professional massage therapist in Clarendon
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THE Massage Therapist

2507 N Franklin Rd
Arlington VA 22201

text is best way to reach me
text 5715277234

THE Massage Therapist
Phone: (703) 248-9191
text: (571) 527-7234

2507 N Franklin Rd
Arlington VA 22201

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